The Perfect Christmas Gifts for your Boss

You’ve had a great working year. You feel as if you’ve applied your best self. You feel like the job you’re in is definitely where you belong, and you’re happy to continue there for the foreseeable future. It might be that you feel this workplace is your second family, or that you simply feel valued. Hopefully, your boss has read the plethora of business guides all over the internet emphasizing the importance of valuing staff has trickled down to you.

When this happens, we can feel grateful for our working position. We might consider purchasing our boss a Christmas gift. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard. Something light, friendly but not too friendly, and appreciative of their time can be a great idea.

But what gifts fall into those categories? What gifts keep the relationship professional, but shows your appreciation for them. What, even, might be a tactical purchase to help them feel fond of you? Consider:

Executive Pens

Bosses want to feel important, executive, as if they have the final say. There’s nothing quite as worthwhile as an executive pen for this effort, as they suggest all of that and more. Just be sure you visit a reputable carrier such as Executive Pens Direct, because the last thing you want or need is for a fountain pen to explode in your bosses hand, and for the ink stains to continually remind them of you. If you’re feeling fancy you might choose to optimize this pen for them, but keep the message professional, such as their name only. This can remain an impartial but appreciative gift if you pull this off in just the right way.

A Desk Sign

A desk sign can be great if they haven’t quite gotten around to doing one yet. Just be sure that you have their official job title and preferred name to hand. It might be you can find this on your internal memo templates with their contact information at the bottom, or you may simple ask their assistant for the best results. When they walk into their office each morning and see the placeholder on their desk, they’ll think of the generous gift you’ve purchased them. That can’t hurt.

Great Coffee

If there’s anything most managers rely on, it’s caffeine. So why not purchase them a back of high-quality, fairtrade sourced, organic coffee? This not only shows you have good taste, but might help them through the mornings for some time, and help them wake up with a little more emphasis. You might already know what sort of coffee preference they have, and if not you might consider asking them directly, or of course their assistant. This can go well in a simple gift basket or alone, and is one of those practical gifts that we all seem to appreciate more as we get older.

With these simple tips, finding the perfect Christmas gift for your boss is surely going to give the correct message you hope to relate.

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