Personalised gifts at Vanilla Reindeer

Vanilla reindeer is a brand new name in personalised packaging and chocolate gifts. And it’s not just for Christmas either as they cater for birthdays, valentines and other special occasions all year round.

But of course, it is nearly Christmas, less than 4 weeks; and only a few days until the start of advent.

Yes you can create your very own personalised advent calendar. You can add photographs, names and your own words or choose one of the quirky or cute themes.

The advent calendars start at Β£11.99 for the standard one, or go a little bit more luxurious with the truffle advent at Β£22.99 and enjoy a sumptuous truffle each day.

Continuing with chocolate, just because it’s nearly Christmas. Take a look at this.

Here I have my very own box of chocolates complete with my name and my mugshot. These boxes of chocolates start at Β£11.99 for the smaller 9 choc box.

I have a few more than 9 because I have to share mine (maybe!). The chocolates are all truffles and they taste divine. Yes I’ve tried a few already (oops). Anyway how lovely does the personalised box look? Imagine giving a loved one a box of these Christmas Day? And don’t forget the personalised packaging, bags and cards to go with it too.

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