Papa Johns goes Jungle with Ostrich pizza

Yes you heard that right, if you’re a fan of I’m a celebrity, then you’ll be familiar with starving celebs and unusual meats and meals for the ones who manage the challenges.

Well last night we were far from starving but we did get treated to something rather unusual at tea time.

Courtesy of Papa Johns, we were treated to their newest pizza – BBQ Ostrich. This is a limited edition pizza so it won’t be around for ever. I imagine until celeb jungle finishes.

This pizza is made with real ostrich which is not something I’ve tried before but like most unusual meats, it tastes like chicken, or turkey or something in between. There is a strong & rich BBQ sauce along with red onion, red & green pepper, herbs, spices and mozzarella. It has a very mild spicy kick to it but the flavour of everything together goes down a treat.

I think she got a shock when I told her she had just ate a poor ostrich! These pizzas were more than enough for us and we had lots left to share with the neighbours. Order from Papa Johns soon as it’s definitely worth a try.

Would you try this? #PapaJohnsBushTuckerChallenge

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