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Do you remember those old retro stress balls that you could squeeze and squeeze and imagine it was someone you hated? They would always return to their original shape no matter how hard you squeezed them. And of course the majority of us being curious just eventually had to know what was inside them!

Well Hawkins Bazaar have recently introduced the new range of stress balls and toys and they all come in the shape of fruit.

Yes there are bananas, strawberry and grapes here as well as a pineapple and a few other random things.

They do differ in many ways from the old retro ones from the 1990s. The banana and grapes that you see in the picture come filled with what look like orbeez, and water. They both feel constantly cold to touch and make wet squishy sounds when squeezed. They also have a very strange, not too pleasant smell.

The strawberry one is totally different. This one is a bit similar to the old style. Inside is like a tough gel or glue type substance. It’s quite a tough squeeze and takes it time to return to the original shape, but I’m thinking that over time it will possibly become a bit softer. This one also has a rather strange aroma which I can only compare to the smell of spray can paint or paint varnish. It stinks! So I’m thinking the smell is whatever stuff it’s made from inside. Hopefully after a bit of use this smell will disappear.

The jelly type squishies are the cheapest costing under Β£3 and the other costs just over Β£5. So both are good for stocking filler toys. These aren’t particularly something I will use or consider buying myself but my 11 year old daughter loves them.

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  1. Adrianna Jane
    November 20, 2018 / 14:12

    These are so cute! I think it’d be neat if they made fruit scented stress squishes to mask whatever other scent there might be.

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