Jana Reinhardt penguin earrings

A gift of jewellery is almost always guaranteed to put a smile on any ladies face. Most of us cannot resist being a attracted to something shiny and sparkly.

If your female recipient has pierced ears then perhaps consider these as a special Christmas gift this year.

These are the penguin stud earrings from Jana Reinhardt. Beautiful earrings and perfect for penguin or animal lovers too. These come in many types of finish and vary in price, starting with this silver pair at Β£69.00 right up to a platinum pair at Β£1145. To be honest I’d be afraid to wear the platinum in case I lost one.

They are really petit and small so it’s hard to get a good shot of me actually having them in my ears but here is what they will look like worn.

They are very pretty and pretty obvious that the design is a penguin. They are not flat studs either and do have a bit of weight to them considering how light earrings can be.

I found them very easy to put in my ears and the metal fastener is easy to put on and pull off.

These are adorable and would make a lovely present.

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