Ghalia oriental floor lamp

Have a look at this beautiful lamp. This is my recent accessory.

It blends in great with my white furniture and decor and the glow is just lovely in the evenings.

This is a beautiful Oriental floor lamp and if this isn’t quite your thing then they have many more styles to choose from.

I instantly loved this lamp from first seeing it in a picture. It’s not too big and needs no installing or putting together. Luckily I already had the correct bulbs in, from another lamp I had. It takes a “cfl” bulb. It’s a screw in type which seems to be familiar in many other lamps. What I didn’t realise is that this lamp comes with a European plug, not UK. Those razor converters don’t work either (I did try!) I had to buy the UK to Europe plug adaptor.

This is called a floor lamp because it looks fine placed on floors, but it also looks great on units and work tops. It’s very light weight and easily becomes a focal point of any room.

It’s made of plated copper wire and these lamps are of Egyptian tradition. I recall seeing a few of these on my trip to Egypt many years ago.

It looks so oriental!

I don’t like having my big light on for long in the dark evenings. After a while I find it too bright along with the light from the television so the light from this is just perfect and very illuminating.

This lamp does cost a rather pricy €129.00 and yes that’s Euros and not pounds. However this does seem to be the standard cost for lamps of this type.

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