Jofli Bear

Meet our new and very sweet travelling bear named Jofli. Jofli is more than just a bear to hug but can also become a great travel companion too.

Jofli bears come with very special backpacks in many colours. Our Jofli has a pink one so we are assuming that Jofli is a girl this time. Jofli’s backpack is not just for show but actually contains her very own special travel journal, pen and a few other bits.

Jofli Bear was specially made to take on holidays and breaks away or even short trips to see relatives. The journal acts as a memory book with lots of pages to add memories and add photographs.

As we are planning a few holidays next year, I think Izebella will most certainly want to bring Jofli Bear along.

Jofli Bear was created back in 1998 by owner Suzi O’Neil. The idea came from a soft toy at school that was being passed around for a school project. This sounds like the same thing my daughters school do, where children get to take home a rabbit for the weekend and record what they did in a diary.

There are a few Jofli Bear pack options on the website. This pack which I have includes the bear, backpack, ring-binder journal, pen, story book and an ID card and costs Β£40.00.

Jofli Bear even has its very own optional accessories such as extra ring binders, stories and it’s very own range of bear outfits.

Jofli is for all ages, adults and children to record and remember happy travel memories.

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