Scary Peepers for Halloween

If you’re determined to bring the scares into your home this Halloween, then forget the usual ghosts, skeletons and vampires and get yourself a Scary peeper or two.

Peepers are truly horrid and will no doubt bring a few unexpected shocks. Peepers like the one above are creepy realistic faces that are hung on windows or other places. The one above is the tapping peeper. This one is motion activated and does more than just stare. He will tap his horrible finger on the window any time he detects motion.

He’s also very scary and freakish looking. The peepers can go on the outside of the window so that they look in to scare those inside. However I prefer to put mine on the inside of the window so that it looks out and scares those walking past. It also means no one can pinch it too.

This makes it look like he’s almost bent over sticking his ugly head out to stare outside. Adding a small battery tea light or lantern below illuminates him more in the evening making him look even more creepier. He comes complete with a window sucker which so far is holding him up very well.

We also have another type of peeper prop inside the home. The Peeper intruder. I think most people have a huge fear of intruders breaking into their home at night. This guy certainly gives that effect.

He doesn’t do the tapping like the one above but he does peep around doors or corners.

He was slightly difficult to fit on my door and walls and the sticky pads didn’t stick too well. Tho this is possibly down to my door and not the product itself. This probably isn’t the best picture of it in action, but it gives the general idea. A masked intruder peeping inside you door! With his hand trying to open it! (The skeleton prop is something I’ve had for years).

So for ultimate creepy scares this Halloween and many after it, grab yourself a scary peeper. Mine will most certainly be put in the loft once Halloween is over as they scare me just to look at them for a few days.

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