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With over half a life of bleaching, colouring, heat products and extensions, it’s fair to say that my hair has took some bashing over the years. That’s why when it comes to hair products and treatments, only the best will do and it’s one area of my beauty regime that I refuse to skimp on.

Tigi products have been a firm favourite of mine for many years. Recognisable by their colourful bottles and distinct scents, they were at one time fairly difficult to get hold of unless you went to a specialist shop or salon. Nowadays Tigi products are available in many stores although the full range is still limited. Expect to pay a bit more for Tigi than you would your regular every day shampoos and treatments but trust me it’s well worth the extra investment.

I’ve tried many Tigi products but was recently sent over a new bundle that I had not tried before. The Custom care range is part of the Tigi Copyright brand and can be found in many salons as well as stores. Many hairdressers are also big fans of Tigi products. This new (to me) range is a bit different than the other Tigi products. The bottles do seem to be a bit more toned down in colour and have a more professional feel to them. However the magic is just as good as ever.

They smell great and feel really creamy and lovely to use. The repair shampoo is a stand alone product which goes on first. The repair conditioner then gets mixed with a few squirts of this stuff.

Which is a repair booster and this combination does wonders for my hair. And not just my hair either as my 11 year old also spotted the new products and wanted to use them on her thick curly locks. This repair booster contains 7 days worth of keratin per small application and combined with the shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair silky soft and manageable with much less breakage and less noticeable split ends. For my daughter it makes her hair easier to brush and less knots and she loves it too. It also helps to protect our hair from heat damage too.

Once you try Tigi products, you won’t want to go back to anything else. It’s amazing!

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