Baby Wee Alex

Izebella often asks if mummy will have another baby and my reply is usually the same – not likely. However what we now have is a Baby Wee called Alex.

Alex is one of three baby Wee brothers. The others are called Max and Nick. He’s quite a cute baby doll tho Izebella said he reminds her of Boss baby. Baby Alex likes to drink a lot and comes with his own bottle which gets filled with water.

Unfortunately Alex often drinks too much and the liquid has to go somewhere doesn’t it? That’s right he’s not a “Baby Wee” got nothing. He loves to wee and does so when his nappy is removed. He doesn’t just do a small trickle either but in true baby boy style it’s usually a vertical squirt which hits Izebella in the face. It’s quite funny to watch.

He will also giggle and babbles and says a few words.

These dolls have very large heads which is one of the first things that Izebella commented on. I think one of the reasons for this may be because the battery compartment is located on the back of the head. He needs 3xAAA batteries. I thought it was a bit strange how the main on/off switch is also located where the batteries are. This is something I found a bit strange. The doll will switch itself off if not played with after so long, but reactivates once given a bottle or nappy change, but the only way to turn it off without it coming back on is to unscrew the battery cover.

Before playing with the doll; the pump needs setting. This means filling the internal tank and getting it to do a first wee. This is not that easy to do and I ended up with soaked sleeves.

It is a wet type toy so it’s best to have a cloth or towel around and obviously keep it well away from electrical gadgets. I don’t think it can go in the bath and would not risk trying it.

The RRP is Β£34.99 from various toy stores including Smyths, Argos and Amazon.

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