The Garbage gang are back

Who remembers these from back in the day of the 80s/90s? I sure do. I collected them myself, cards full of revolting images, snot, vomit and poop characters.

In fact it just so happens that a few months back I actually found an old unopened pack hidden in an old box of stuff.

These are the original “Garbage Pail kids” cards from the late 1980s/early 90s. They came in packs of 5 and with a stick of bubble gum which I never ate and I didn’t eat the 20 year old gum in this pack either.

Well I was delighted to find out that these cards have made a return. The very same company behind the original Garbage pail kids – Topps have bought out the all new Garbage gang trading cards. These cards are a brand new release and will be hitting the shops and stores this month, just in time for Halloween.

There are several similarities to the original cards. They both come in packs of 5 and both have a unique number on them which helps keep track of the collection. They also both have similar revolting characters full of all sorts of vile things.

There are also quite a few differences with both sets. The main one being that the old retro cards were stickers or collectible cards. Some has puzzle pieces on the back, but the new cards are a type of top trumps game on the back.

This means that once you build up a large enough collection you can play against other players.

Another big difference is the stick of gum. It’s not included this time. I’m actually quite glad it’s not, I hate the stuff.

Finally the addition of “lenticular” cards. Yes I had to look that word up too! It means printed images with the ability to change or move. These are a bit like the limited edition cards that you get with most collections. I have found one amongst my new collection.

These cards look and feel different to the rest and if I move it about the image changes, like this.

There are only 10 of these special cards to collect so I imagine they will probably be quite hard to find. There are 96 normal cards to collect and this is the first series

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