Jurassic park Danger board game

Fans of the Jurassic park movie franchise will love this game from Ravensburger. In this game players can choose to play either as a human character or as the dinosaurs.

The game board is Isla Nubar and shaped like an island.

There are dinosaur and human playing pieces, character cards, tiles, tokens, fences and a dice. The game board does need some minimal assembly before playing.

The human players select which characters they wish to play as and are given 10 cards related to their character. It is these cards that determine play and actions. Human and dinosaur actions are both very different. For instance as are the main game playing goals. Dinosaurs need to eliminate human characters and humans need to band together to all escape Jurassic park and evade dinosaur attacks.

Age guide is 10 years and over. Some of the game rules can be a little difficult to understand even for us adult players. 2-5 players can play, tho the more the better. There are slightly different rules for just two players. Playing time is around one hour. Prices vary but usually £20 – £30.

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