3 Tips to Marketing on a Budget

Marketing is the backbone of any business’s sales and profits. It is the bridge between the product and the target market. A proper marketing strategy is needed for a product to sell successfully. It costs businesses an arm and a leg to carry out their marketing agenda. But what if your business is strained financially? Can marketing still be done?

Yes, it can be done. Here are 3 tips to marketing on a budget:

1.    Work With Freelancers

The marketing tasks of your organization will need to be carried out by skilled and well-experienced people who will be able to deliver as per your requirements. When you are working on a tight budget, a proper approach to getting less costly skilled labor for your marketing is to source out freelancers to do the work for you.

The advantage of working with freelancers is that they are much cheaper than hiring a full-time employee. Vetting the freelancer for assurance of his or her marketing skills will require you to request proof of previous work done in a similar role.

Freelancers tend to give their all in the work they do since their livelihood depends on their work relationship with you and the performance level they portray in the tasks assigned to them. They are also on temporary contract terms so you can always let them go once you’ve accomplished the marketing task you needed to be done. This is a budget-friendly marketing approach.

2.    Bundle The Tasks At Hand

Bundling marketing tasks together is a great way to work on a budget and save money. Rather than employing so many people to do different things at different timings, you can consider merging tasks which can be done altogether at once.

Say for example you run a fashion company selling designer clothing, rather than sourcing models from one place, photographers from another place, and social media influencers for your product from yet another source, you can bundle all these tasks together.

Get a modeling agency to provide models for you, come with their professional photographer, fit your designer clothing, take photos and videos, and then the same agency handles social media marketing of your product. This way, you’ll end up spending less as compared to doing all these tasks at different timings.

If your marketing/influencing is done mainly via Instagram then you can also save time and effort when it comes to using hashtags. Using a tool such as hashtag generator instagram helps you to find both relevant and top performing hashtags to use in your posts.

3.    Use Vinyl Stickers

One of the most cost-efficient methods you can use to market on a budget is to use custom vinyl stickers. These stickers are created using self-adhesive waterproof vinyl which makes them great to use both indoors and outdoors. They can be set on windows, walls, posts, book covers, car bumpers, practically any flat surface.

You can create vinyl stickers of any color and shape them according to your desired preference. They are quite a cheap method of marketing and you can have all the desired information printed on them. It costs less to print them in bulk which allows you to distribute them in large quantities to different places.

Rather than investing in hiring billboards and LED display boards that cost a lot and are only available for the period in which you are able to pay for them, you can opt for vinyl stickers that are cheap and will last for a long time and market your product to a wider scope of people.

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