Degustabox September reveal

I can’t believe just how fast these months are flying by. It only feels like last week when I was unboxing the August Degustabox and now I have Septembers.

Watch what I got in this video!

I thought this box was one of the best ones this year. It was full of snacks and things that we like. Obviously the cola drink didn’t go down to well and if you hated Rola Cola then don’t get this as it’s similar. We loved all the other products with the Reece’s peanut cups and 2 of the yes bars being firm favourites.

September food list

  • Reece’s peanut butter cups Β£0.89
  • Cadbury’s Oreo hot chocolate Β£2.99
  • Chok chick nibbles Β£1.85
  • Juicy fuel cola Β£1.50
  • YES fruit & nut bars x3 (Β£1.20 each)
  • Indie bay pretzel bag Β£0.99
  • Dr Karg wholegrain snack bag – Β£1.60
  • Jules Destrooper butter crisps Β£1.80
  • Jack Daniels Tenessee cider Β£2.29 (bottle)
  • a2 long life whole cows milk Β£1.50
  • Good hemp seed hearts Β£3.99

The majority of the snacks went the same day. We all enjoy Reece’s anyway and the 2 chocolate coated yes bars were really tasty. I was not too keen on the beetroot one tho. I have not drank the cider but am instead passing it to my mother; who will no doubt enjoy it. The cows milk was a bit hit and miss. It was okay ish in a brew but certainly tasted much different than the regular milk. And I still have no idea what to do with the hemp??

If you haven’t tried Degustabox yet, then I recommend you do. Head over here for just Β£12.99 per month.

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