Brollies out for Autumn

Well we are officially at the beginning of Autumn here in the UK. Although the current weather seems relatively mild and still quite warm, we all know that won’t be the case in the next few months. Living in this country in Autumn means lots of wind and lots of rain and cold weather.

Us ladies, young ladies and even some gentlemen don’t like getting our hair or clothes wet, and so I always make sure I have an umbrella in my bag as we usually never know when the clouds will start to open.

Susino umbrellas come in many shapes, colours and sizes but all do pretty much the same job and that’s to keep us dry from the rain. Some umbrellas do a better job than others but I would never pay out huge amounts of money for an umbrella no matter how good it claims to be.

The one I’m using at the moment came from Susino. This slogan umbrella is one of many and costs £16.99 which is probably my maximum limit to pay for an umbrella.

“Be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” what does that mean to you? To me it means to cheer someone up who’s having a bad time. I really liked the slogan. It sort of stood out instantly. As well as having a good phrase, this umbrella is also extremely compact. Meaning it folds down really small so it fits nicely in my handbag.

It also comes with an umbrella sleeve, I’m not sure if anyone really uses these much but I suppose they help to protect handbags from the wet drips off the brolly. It keeps me dry but can’t really handle strong gusts as I found out a few times. It did turn inside out with the wind but didn’t cause any lasting damage.

Now I’ve been unable to get a photo of me outdoors with this umbrella, but that’s okay as I’m not the only one in my home to use umbrellas. Yes my two girls also have a umbrella each from Susino.

These kids umbrellas are different to the one I have. Dome type and made of the strong PVC materials ratter than cloth. Jordanna has flamingo print and Izebella of course has unicorns on hers. Both of them very cute and sturdy and seem much better at withstanding strong winds than the one I am using. These seem a perfect size for children too and only cost £7.99 each.

Umbrellas can make easy gifts for Christmas too along with being a useful, if not essential item for the harsher British weather.

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