Foxy Pants review & giveaway

This is Foxy Pants, a cheeky sneaky fox who wears a loose pair of green pants. His pants have large pockets in them with plenty of room for little chickens.

The chickens go in to greedy foxy’s pants, but if his pants get too full, then down they fall and out pop all the chickens ready to be rescued into their coops.

There are 21 chickens altogether and players each take turns to fill foxys pants with them. The number of chickens per turn being determined by a dice which only has numbers 1 & 2 on it. The coops are card with 5 holes, and when Foxy’s pants fall – the players must grab one chicken at a time using only one hand and try to fill all 5 holes first.

What we thought!

It’s a fun game for up to 4 players so we could all play together. There is no setting up apart from placing a few stickers on first go and no batteries. The age guide is 4 years and over. Playing time is really short because each player only needs to catch 5 of the possible 21 chickens and then it’s game over. If 2 players play then this can be altered to play with two coops each rather than one. It’s fun for the younger kids like Izebella but not so much for older children.

RRP Β£22.99 from Drumond Park games


If you like the look of Foxy Pants then this is your chance to win one. You have until September 30th to enter and you must reside in the United Kingdom!


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