Back to School: lunch ideas

Back in my day, the majority of us actually longed to be on packed lunches. The dinners were to put it politely rather revolting. Back then carrying a packed lunch to school usually involved either a bulky hard plastic plain box or just a carrier bag. How times have changed. Kids now have so much choice of what to carry their school lunch in! Gone are the big bulky heavy boxes and in comes funky little glittery bags like these.

If someone had shown me this picture, I would never believe that these could possibly be lunch bags; but that’s exactly what they ate. These are two of the latest products from Spearmark. And if you still don’t believe me then here is a glimpse of the insides.

Plenty of room for sarnies, drinks and much more. These are so cool. I wish I’d had one of these when I was at school.

And that’s not all. Spearmark has even thought of those small nibbles and things that you just wouldn’t want to throw in a bag without some extra packaging. So they came up with these handy Locksy Ultraclip boxes.

These are clear tough plastic tubs with leakproof lockable lids. They come in various sizes and would be useful for small fruits such as grapes, oranges etc. The sort of stuff that you don’t want leaking all over your bag. Or even biscuits, crisps or small sandwiches. These even all fit inside the lunch bags above.

Spearmark products are sold in many supermarkets and home ware type stores. So why not jazz up their dinner time in the new school year!

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