Should you build or buy your forever home?

Becoming a homeowner is on the list for many people. But with the prices of homes and the cost of living rising and rising, as well as wages not going up accordingly, it can be tricky to get onto the property ladder, without lots of saving, hard work, and a little help. Even then, you may not get our dream home or anything that you really love. Which is why some people do think about building a home, rather than buying. When you build, you’re able to get the house of your dreams, right?

There are extra costs associated with buying a home, like stamp duty or even land tax. So the price that you look at, isn’t necessarily what you will be paying, as there are always added extras. So while you don’t necessarily have those things when you’re taking a look at house package prices, there can still be other costs to building, especially depending on the size and finish that you want. So with that in mind, here are some of the pros and cons of building a home, as well as buying a home. Then if you’re looking to get on the property ladder sooner rather than later, it could help you to choose which route might be the most cost-effective and the right decision for you.

Building a Home

There is definitely more convenience with buying a home. So if you need a home urgently or don’t have anywhere to stay (or can’t afford more rent while it is being built), then it may not be the best option for you. There can also be some permits to get in place, as well as choosing the design team to help you achieve your dreams. There are plenty of benefits to building, though, especially if you are looking to be there long-term. You can choose the layout of the home to be as you like it, and really make it personal to you. You can also control an element of the costs, as you can be part of the design process to make sure you aren’t going over budget.

Buying an Existing Home

One of the main advantages of buying an existing home is that it can be pretty convenient. First, you must search for your ideal home. While in the past this might have been a taxing process, these days, you can begin your house hunt without leaving the comfort of your couch by using a website such as to explore properties available in your area.

You then get a mortgage or buy outright, and then move right into it. It exists and is already there, and often you can be moving in within a matter of months. So the process is likely to be quicker when you buy. But the downside to that is that you could just be buying what you can afford, and not really what you like. For the same money, could you be building a house that is designed better and with your family in mind, for example?

There are definite pros and cons to each, so really it comes down to where you want to be and the budget that you have. It can be a dream to build, though, right? As you can design the home just as you want.

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