Tips for finding the best life jacket for your dog

A life jacket is important for all dogs, especially those that cannot swim or are still being trained on how to swim. However, even dogs that can swim really well also need the life preserver. They’re not just suitable for the safety and health of dogs, but also an important gear for other pets.

Your pet should wear dog life jacket anytime it gets into water. The following are five ways to find the best life jacket for your dog:

1.        Choose a Well-Fitting Life Jacket

Take your dog with you to the pet store and compare how different vests fit. With your dog around, you can easily pick a fitting jacket for your pet. In case a jacket is longer or shorter, you can exchange it for a more fitting size. The need to pick only the best life jacket for your best friend goes without saying.

Looking at the life jacket on your dog is an easy way to find out if it fits properly or not. Make sure it fits well at the base of the tail all the way from the shoulder blades. With the jacket on, lifting your drowning dog from water becomes easy.

Therefore, find out where the handles are placed and if properly set before making payment for a jacket. One handle should be located towards the legs and the other towards the shoulder.

2.        Check the Durability of the Life Jacket

Apart from the jacket just having the two handles at the shoulder and towards the legs, it should also be strong enough to ensure longevity. Furthermore, there’s need for an extra sturdy handle at the top. It comes in handy when you need to lift your drowning dog from water.

A leash attachment on the life jacket is also necessary. You can use the feature when you need to guide your dog or just want to pull it from the water.

3.        Extra Buoyancy Dog Life Jacket

Dogs need life jackets with superior buoyancies. Search for a jacket with heavy duty polyester construction. It helps increase your dog’s floatation by up to fifty percent. The figure is more than the floatation percentage of other regular life jackets for dogs.

Buy a jacket with proper floatation percentage around the neck area to keep your dog’s head on the water throughout the swimming session. It keeps its head in check, lifting it on water. The feature is normally set immediately under the dog’s chin across its chest.

4.        High Visibility Life Jacket

Protect your dog from boater and jet skiers. Choose brightly colored vests to prevent them from being knocked in water or even getting hurt. Search for a reflective material on the vest for more visibility in water and to keep track of your pet.

5.        Buy Based On Reviews

No brand can pay everyone to write reviews online. Pay close attention to what’s being said about certain stores and brands online with regards to pet life jackets. Look for reviews talking about vests other dog owners have tested or used. A few negatives aren’t bad. Avoid jackets with too many negative reviews.

Looks can deceive sometimes. Therefore, consider quality over how beautiful your dog looks when wearing a pet life jacket. The gear is meant to be function

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