Zuru bunch o balloons

We got a huge box of water balloons from Zuru about 2 weeks ago. The weather has been warm but we have had a few off days, add to that the hosepipe ban and kids going off to their Dads or staying at friends and it’s been hard to find time to use them, but we managed!

These are regular water balloons but have special connector which enables them to be filled by the 100 in seconds, which beats filling them by the tap individually. This box comes with balloon launchers which look like big plastic spoons and if practiced; makes them fly further.

We made a short video to show the fun the kids had with these balloons.

Zuru also have their own video for the new Bunch o Balloons x shot products too.

This sort of toy can give endless fun on the long Summer days. Just make sure you have a few towels close by.

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