Choosing the correct trampoline size

If you are planning on purchasing a trampoline this Summer, then it’s important to take many things into consideration and the main one is the size of the trampoline.

Trampolines come in many sizes. You can purchase the very small ones which start at just 4ft from many places. However these are usually reserved for very young children who will quickly out grow them, so it’s always worth investing in a larger one to accommodate a growing family.

Trampolines online sells good quality garden and sport trampolines in many size ranges starting from 7ft and increasing in size up to a massive 16ft. Here is just one example of the smaller 7ft trampolines. This one is one of the higher range and higher priced models which comes complete with the enclosure and the ladder. This costs Β£399 but there are many that are slightly more affordable. A 7ft trampoline would be perfect for my smallish garden or gardens where usable lawn space is limited.

It’s advisable and obviously common sense to measure free garden space before purchasing a large trampoline. Trampolines need to be ideally placed on gras/lawn so they can be anchored in for safety. It is silly to pre guess measurements and assume you have enough space for say a big 12ft trampoline. It is hard to judge just how much space these take up once built and once constructed it can be hard if not impossible to return the product and obtain a refund if it doesn’t fit. If buying a rectangular or odd shaped product, it’s important to measure space for both length and width.

The 8ft trampolines seem to be a popular choice in the UK. They are moderately priced and seem to be available everywhere. Again they suit smallish gardens and a few kids can enjoy a bounce together at the same time.

This lovely looking 8ft model costs just Β£129 with the enclosure and the ladder. If I was to consider a big trampoline then this is possibly the one I would choose.

The 10ft trampolines also seem popular in the UK. These would require a slightly larger garden. However they seem to be similar priced to the smaller 8ft models. I do like the oval design of this one. This may fit where the round ones won’t.

There are a few odd sizes between the 10ft and 12ft. These are mainly rectangular models. The 12ft is probably where they start to look huge. This is obviously a very large garden which not many of us have these days. The price again stays similar to the smaller models before it. Trampolines online selling there cheapest 12ft for just Β£199.99. But remember if you Dong have the space, then don’t get it.

14ft trampolines are really big, but are popular amongst those with larger gardens.

The price does increase slightly with the 14ft models at trampolines online as does the installation time. Bigger trampolines means extra work and extra hands to help. Putting something of this size up alone is probably impossible.

The 16ft trampolines are the largest sold. These are intended for use by adults and teens and due to their huge size, it’s important to carefully supervise any children that go on them. You would need a massive garden for one this size.

An alternative to the regular trampoline like those above is an In ground trampoline. These require less space but more work as it involves accurately marking and digging a hole, plus a bit more besides.

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