Virginia Hayward Chocolate Hamper

On Friday I got an extra special delivery of this gorgeous Christmas hamper from Virginia Hayward.

This hamper costs Β£19.99 and would make a lovely Christmas gift for anyone who enjoys a little bit of chocolate. In this hamper you get 6 items plus a reusable small basket.

I’m sorry to say but most of our basket is now empty. Having consumed the majority of it over the weekend. However here is a better view of what was originally inside. This is a picture from Virginia Hayward and contents may differ slightly from this.

These are all products with good quality brand names such as the chocolate fudge from Radfords. The little cake is really tasty, almost like a rich chocolate fudge topped with fudge and various chocolate pieces. There is a chocolate nougat bar which is very filling, a jar of chocolate sauce for dipping, a packet of chocolate chip shortbread and a hit chocolate spoon with marshmallows. This is one of those that gets dipped and stirred into hot milk to give a delicious hot choc drink.

It’s a lovely little hamper with just the right amount of products in for one person, or maybe 2 to share. They have lots of other hampers to choose from on their website too.


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