Dating in your 40’s

Being single in your 40s certainly has both its ups and downs. It can be lonely and even disheartening especially when most of your friends and family are married or in long term happy relationships. Many people my age or older also worry that there is no one decent left for them or that no one will want them as they get older.

Being in your 40’s or even older does not have to mean that the fun life is over and it does not mean that dating is dead. However to enjoy dating again, you have to actually want to do it and be in the right frame of mind to go out and meet new people.

So how do we do the whole dating game in our 40’s? Well it’s fairly similar to how you did it in your younger dating days. There are many ways to meet people of a similar age and with similar interests. The first would be out and about or even friends of friends. Many single people aged 40 and over still enjoy a good night out at a nightclub or even rave (like me) then there’s always local bars, gyms, or even the workplace.

If this doesn’t work for you then another option would be to try out an dating site. There are so many different dating sites online, some of them free and some of them require a paid subscription. If you’re specifically searching for someone of similar age then it’s probably best to try a website such as for older dating online as this then eliminates the younger people. Older dating is a website just for those who are over 40. It’s free to sign up and gives users many search options to find that perfect match.

I have not used this website personally myself yet but I’ve had a quick browse and it looks fairly straightforward to use. I have used a few other free dating sites. Some of them quite good and others not so good. I’ve had a few good dates too with some very nice men and am still friends with many of them. I haven’t quite found the one yet, but I’ve plenty of time yet to keep searching.

Once you’ve navigated a dating site and perhaps even exchanged messages with someone you have a mutual interest in, then it’s time to arrange that much wanted date. Deciding where to meet and go should be a mutual decision. Obviously always follow the safety rules and meet in a public place. Senior dating does not have to mean boring. Go for a nice meal, a few drinks on a first date. Avoid the cinema if possible as it’s difficult to talk and get to know each other if watching a loud movie. Ask lots of questions but don’t delve too deep. Favourite foods, kids, music, television, work all make okay conversation topics. Steer clear of mentioning ex partners or anything to informative at this point.

Once the date is over you will probably already know in your mind if you want to see this person again or not. If you do then hopefully they feel the same. It can be upsetting if they don’t feel the same; but the best thing to do is simply get back on the dating site and try again with someone new. There is bound to be someone out there who will want to see you again.

Of course dating also depends on what the individual wants. Many people seek love and finding the one. Whilst some are happy witb casual dating and like to date many people. Then there are those who just want a sex buddy or even a one nighter and of course there are many who really aren’t sure what they want from a dating site. It’s important to make this clear from the start to anyone you chat to and let them know what it is you are seeking as this avoids confusion later on.

There are many success stories all over the web on online dating. Many people meet there lifelong partners online.

Dating can be enjoyable no matter the final outcome, meeting new people is always good and even if it does not lead to a relationship you can always stay in touch as friends. Dating fills my empty weekends when my children are with their father and the majority of my friends are already happily settled down in long term relationships or married. Hopefully one day I’ll also meet that special man.

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