Great Gizmos – Glitza

We very recently received a big box of goodies from Great Gizmos who are an online seller of kids toys and gifts. Great Gizmos have products to suit very young children, right up to teenagers.

For girls ages 8 and over they have a full range of Glitza kits. Glitza is all about glitter and tattoos. Each kit is different!

The kits come with stencils that can be applied to the skin and then the glitter paint gets added to glam them up. Everything of course being totally non toxic and safe for skin.

Each box comes with up to 80 different stencil designs and usually 4 pots of the glitter. The stencils leave a slightly sticky residue on the skin and the glitter paint sticks to this and then dries quickly.

Most Glitza kits come with themes such as best friends, butterflies, mandalas and more. All the themes that most girls love.

These are more than just skin tattoos too as they can be applied to clothes and accessories in exactly the same way too. It’s fairly mess free as the glitter only really sticks to the actual design and the included brushes give adequate coverage and not too much glitter.

They also wash off easily enough too.

The kits start at Β£15.40 and give enough contents for around 50-80 designs.

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