Fun with Fab lab kits

Jordanna has been testing out both of these fun kits from Fab lab.

Both kits are designed for kids ages 8 years and over and seem to be geared more towards the girls.

Designer Tie Dye kit – Contains real dyes used for dying clothes and accessories. This kit needs to be used with caution and on a safe covered surface away from furnishings and clothes. I made Jordanna do hers outside in the sun, as this stuff gets everywhere.

Activities that spark joy are more important than ever during these stressful times, and the art of tie-dyeing can help get your creative mind. Also, there are some important tie-dyeing techniques that are great for beginners.

The bottles are used to contain the dye solution which requires mixing, and the band is used for securing the item being dyed as well as sectioning it to be coloured. The end results are quite hit and miss. You can end up with something that is totally funky and wearable or something that’s straight out of a horror movie. It’s best to use plain white cheap garments such as vests or cheap t shirts and also to wear an apron. Gloves come included but Jordanna still managed to somehow get it on her hands. It does wash off eventually but takes a while.

Kit 2 is the festival face tattoos. This one is a lot less messier than Tye dye. It even comes with a product to remove the tattoos which comes in handy for school mornings. The whole kit is chemical free and very easy to use.

Applying the tattoos is easy, a sponge applicator and a little water is all that’s required and the tattoos come in several designs on many sheets.

Both of these kits from Fablab can be purchased at most toy stores and under Β£10 each.

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