The benefits of installing shutters & Coffered ceilings

Window shutters can totally transform both the look and feel of a home. They can be installed onto almost any window or door and are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Shutters are custom made to blend in with any household decor. They don’t need to cost the Earth either. EFL Shutters provide cheap plantation shutters and a fast service meaning the shutters can be supplied and installed within just three weeks.

Of course to save a few more extra pounds you can install them yourself and there is some information about this and on Window shutters in UK website.

The main benefits of plantation shutters are –

Light control – Shutter panels are easily adjustable to control the amount of light required in the home.

Privacy issues – shutters work better than curtains, netting and blinds to keep unwelcome attention and nosey people out.

Less maintenance- All shutters need to keep them looking clean is a quick dust down or wipe.

Versatility – shutters are custom made to suit and fit any window shape.

Thermal – shutters keep the room cool in summer and allow for more warmth during the colder seasons.

Sound insulation – Yes they also help to block out sounds and reduce outside noise levels when sat inside.

Therefore there are lots of benefits to installing shutters on windows rather than just curtains. I also think they help to make a home look and feel more secure. Many of the styles also remind me of being abroad or of a beach style house and I just think they make a room that little bit more stylish.

Another house improvement idea is a coffered ceiling which again can totally transform the whole look of a room. A Coffered ceiling is created with panels which are sunk into its adjoining suspended grid. The finished look then gives the ceiling more depth and warmth The panels are chosen panels as per your preference. Their purpose is to enhance the impact of the room with wider or deeper looks for the house.

Coffered ceilings are not really a new thing as such as they have previously been installed and used in commercial buildings. They are usually found in “special” rooms reserved for special guests, such as conference rooms, halls, function rooms etc. At one point many years ago; this type of ceiling was unaffordable to the average home owner and the process of installing them was extremely lengthy. These days however; it seems the coffered ceilings are now becoming increasingly popular in the home as they are more affordable and the technologies to install them is much more advanced.

The ceiling panels can be made from various materials including wood, MDF, polyurethane foam and plaster and marble. The most common used material being wood.  There are many different styles of a coffered ceiling and each one is more suited to a different type or height of ceiling and overall structure.

Styles include curved, round, oval, cathedral and wainscoting which is the design made with bead board. The classic & traditional style is probably the most popular type of ceiling and the most traditional. This is the ceiling created in a square pattern using grid beams and arranged like a waffle.

Once the ceiling construction is complete the second and possibly most important step is choosing the colour of the new ceiling. The colour options are big but it’s important to pick the correct colour which will enhance the room and its decor/features. Every colour is unique and so every colour gives a different Impact and especially so colours that are opposite ends of the light and dark spectrum.

I do like the look and whole feel of the coffered ceilings. I’m not sure it’s really a job that I would try to attempt myself and nor the shutters either. I think both the shutters and coffered ceiling make amazing home improvements and would help to raise the value of a home too. I think having both together would totally transform a homes interior.

Create that perfect ambience and install a coffered ceiling in your home. They can be installed in any room too and they no longer need to cost the earth or take years to complete. There are many different images of coffered ceilings on the internet to browse and of course many can be seen in public buildings. It is something that would add uniqueness, ambience and even more value to your home. It is also a permanent low maintenance purchase and will certainly have any visitors asking questions.

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  1. July 30, 2021 / 23:51

    I loved that you said that window shutters can transform the look and feel of your home, and they can be installed onto almost any window. My plan is to improve the appearance of our living room this week. I was told that my mother-in-law will visit us next week, and it will be my first time meeting her. What I want is to create a good impression, especially about our house. I will consider having plantation shutters installed.

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