B sensible waterproof bedding

B-Sensible is one of Europe’s leading retailers in bedding.  Its aim is to ensure that families have a better night’s sleep and their products are unique, extremely soft and smooth, have a 100% natural surface, light, breathable and waterproof. The range includes fitted sheets and pillow cases for adults.

No I don’t have bed accidents and nor do I have any drinks in my bed. However I do have a 5 year old who often insists on sharing my bed. She’s been out of night pull ups for years; but every now and again she may have a slight accident.

When I think of waterproof bedding; hospital sheets come to mind. Plastic crinkly thick sheets come to mind. The type of thing that sticks to you in the heat and is really uncomfortable to sleep on.

B Sensible makes waterproof bedding differently. A vast selection of fitted bed sheets & pillow cases in all sizes and many colours to choose from.

I have a king size fitted sheet in black. With the hot weather I was worried that it may be too warm to sleep on; being black and also being waterproof, but believe it it not this bedding is also designed to keep cool in Summer with its thermo regulation technology.

I’m not entirely sure how this tech works but I do feel comfortable when sleeping on this sheet. The waterproof layer underneath is very cleverly placed so that you can’t feel it when in bed, nor does it have that awful crinkly rustling sound every time I move. The sheet also prevents swear and dust mites giving a much better nights sleep. Who would of thought that one bed sheet could boast so many features?


Bedding is machine washable and can be tumbled dried too. The special materials mean the sheets do not require any ironing.

Buy from https://www.bsensible.co.uk

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