Twisty petz from Spinmaster

Twisty petz are one of the latest collectible crazes from Spinmaster toys. They start off as bright colourful pets and animals and then transform into bracelets or other jewellery with bright beads and sparkles.

There are over 70 Twisty Petz to collect, each with its own unique name and each comes with a collectors leaflet.

They come as many cute creatures including cheetahs, rabbits, bears and even unicorns. A gentle pull of the head and tail quickly turns them into wearable bracelets like this!

They can even be made longer into necklaces by simply joining two or more together. The tail part acts as the connector with a hole in the pets head bit.

The collection is made even bigger with the addition of Twisty petz babies which are the same but a bit smaller and just as cute. There are 24 babies to collect putting the whole Twisty petz collection at almost 100.

The babies bracelets suit smaller wrists or can be connected to make a bigger bracelet with two pets on.

Getting the bracelets back into petz is easy too. Locate the largest beads next to the head and tail. Bring these to the middle bead with the hole and twist both the legs, and the jewellery is once again a pet!

These are very colourful with the sort of colours that will attract young children and in particular girls. Both my 11 year old and 5 year old loved them, and are constantly twisting and untwisting them. I don’t think they can decide on petz or jewellery.

Like other collectibles there are special and limited edition figures to find. We have already found two of them. A special gold (jangles giraffe) and Pearl (pink pop kitty). The packs come as single & multiple petz. Some packs contain a surprise pet.

Available from most good toy stores!

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  1. florence hampl
    February 11, 2020 / 11:17

    these are so cute! are they appropriate for 6 year olds? thank you!

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