Lottery dreams

Of course, I like everyone dream of winning a massive Lotto jackpot, just the thought of what could be done with all that money and never needing to worry about finances again! So what would I spend it on, if ever I was lucky enough to win?

1) A holiday – I think this would be first on my list. A holiday far away would certainly help the lottery win shock set in and will give me a good few weeks to consider long term spending. I would choose the following locations – GalΓ‘pagos Islands, Bora Bora, Australia & Florida.

2) A big house – On returning from a holiday, my first big investment would be a house. Not any old house but a nice big mini mansion. 5/6 bedrooms, a big cellar and attic and somewhere in the countryside.

3) Driving lessons & car – I don’t drive so this would be a must. I’d get one of those fast pass crash courses followed by a trendy sports car and a nice family vehicle.

4) Shopping trip – This would take more than a day or two. We would all need new clothes, toys, then furniture and things for the house.

5) Cosmetic surgery – sorry to say but yes if I had the money I would get the following- boob lift, tummy tuck, dental implants.

6) Take care of the family – After treating myself and my children, I would then look after my family and friends too.

7) Open a nightclub – Being into dance and rave music, this is one thing I’ve always wanted to do.

There are many other things and places I would go if I won enough money.

β€˜There are many places to play Lotto games online and one of them is Lottoland. You could try EuroMillionaire, Powerball, or have a go at the Irish lottery which is a great alternative to the UK lottery.’’

And if you are lucky enough to win, please be kind and send some my way!

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