Give Dad a footy flyer this Sunday

This weekend sees both Father’s Day and the start of the World Cup combined, giving Dads everywhere the perfect excuse to put their feet up and shout at the telly like it can hear them!

Hawkins Bazaar have come up with the perfect gift for Dads. One that combines a playful gadget with Football – The Footy flyer.

It’s a smallish drone that comes with the battery already inserted in the small remote. The drone itself charges via usb but arrived with a good charge surge ready to go. You get a sheet of stickers too of all the World Cup flags to personalise it a bit. Although I highly doubt the England flags will be flying for long (nothing new there!).

It’s quite a fast speedy little thing and you need be careful as it hurts if it catches on fingers or heads.

It does seem to have a mind of its own at times.

At the bottom of the device there is a counter. This counts kick ups, or in other words – how many times it bobs up and down. I’ve got 23 so far.

I think most Dads will enjoy a play of this, tho not much chance of getting the football addicts playing outside with it whilst the games are on, and whatever you do, don’t fly it into the telly!

This can be yours, or your dads for just Β£20.

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