Tips on setting up an irresistibly comfortable bed

Who says we adults are hard-to-please, highly-demanding people who wish for extravagant rewards for our hard work? Sometimes, all we want is a chill night, quiet time in a dark bedroom and a deep sleep that gives us the best recharge for our lost energy. I certainly want this most nights after a dad with my kids and work.

We are so low-maintenance actually for wishing that we only slow down a bit on our busy days and go to bed at a decent hour that’s normally allotted for bedtime.

But, there might be times when the bed itself isn’t as motivating as it should be for us to be able to tell ourselves, “Hey, the bed is so lovely, so soft, so comfortable, so fresh, and so fragrant! Come on, slip into your pajamas and give yourself the eight-hour snooze you deserve.” Sometimes, it’s the opposite. Been there?

So how can you set up an irresistibly comfortable bed?

1. Buy yourself the right mattress.

The mattress you choose should be able to provide the right support most suitable for your usual sleeping position, environment, and lifestyle. There are some mattresses especially designed for warmer climates, some were made especially for side sleepers, some were meant for back sleepers, and some were designed for those who experience chronic pain.

Before rushing to buy a new mattress, do some research and know your options.

There are several types of mattresses available in the market. Also, some places are famous for making the best mattresses and providing heavy discounts. For instance, people in Sydney often search for ‘mattresses for sale sydney’ to buy the best ones at reasonable prices. Experts can also help you choose which mattress you should buy.

It is advised to replace our mattresses every after five to seven years, or whenever it doesn’t provide the right support anymore. The rule of thumb is simple: If it doesn’t feel comfortable anymore and you get constant backache, there’s probably something wrong with your mattress so go and replace it as soon as possible.

2. Invest in the right pillows and beddings.

Pillows need to be replaced more often than you have to with mattresses. But if you buy the best ones such as those pillows made with memory foam and latex, you may not need to replace your pillows as often as you should with other types available.

Much like mattresses, choosing the right pillows for you would depend on what kind of sleeper you are. For example, those who sleep on their stomach must use a very thin pillow or none at all.

When it comes to choosing the right beddings, it’s also important to check the material it’s made of. Some materials used for beddings are known to trap moisture, making the bed warmer, while there are nice materials that absorb more moisture, resulting to a cooler and cozier bed. Cotton, wool, bamboo, linen, and silk are great fabrics to sleep on.

We have our personal preferences. So, when choosing beddings, opt for one that feels nice on the skin, something that makes you “Wow, I love it. I can lie here all day!”

Also, purchase beddings of varying thickness, so you can use one that’s right for the current season.

3. Fix your bed every morning.

One of the nicest things to come home to is a neat bed—one that has clean sheets and free from mess. So, make it your habit to fix your bed every morning the moment you wake up. I beg you, don’t procrastinate it. You’ll only feel more exhausted when you come home to wrinkled sheets with many kinds of clutter on top of it. Just in case you’re not yet convinced why you should make it a habit to make your bed every morning, this awesome article talks about more of the reasons why.

4. Change your beddings and pillowcases every other day

That clogged, stuffy nose wouldn’t be like that if only you change your beddings and pillowcases even at least once a week. Hey, that’s even the maximum span of time! Dust, oil, grime, and mold may collect on your sheets and pillow cases. So, if you’re sensitive to any of these, then there’s better reason why you should keep your beddings and pillow cases fresh, cool, and clean. Spritz fragrant and relaxing essential oils on your pillow and beddings for a more relaxing and deep sleep. Lavender and chamomile scents are your best bet.

See how easy it is to set up an irresistibly comfortable bed? Sure, it is. Do the necessary changes now and enjoy a better slumber each night.

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