Degustabox May reveal

Can you guess what theme the May Degustabox box came with? Yup it’s football! ? I hate the sport and even more so because the World Cup always starts around my birthday!

What I don’t dislike however are the contents of my most recent Degustabox, the majority of which were consumed rather quickly this time.


It’s probably no surprise that these all got drunk the same day, given the unusual yet gorgeous hot weather that we finally have.

Drinks being necessary for watching football too of course, be it alcohol, pop or water.

In the top left corner is a Say Hello reduced sugar drink. The aloe meaning aloe Vera inside along with vitamin C. I don’t usually rate these health drinks but this one was refreshingly sweet. A lovely flavour like drinking pure fruit juice. Β£1.49.

In the top right corner is a drink that most of us should be familiar with. Yes it’s Lucozade. The drink that gives us all that energy and in the original flavour too. Β£1.10.

Moving below to the bottom left is my favourite drink of the four. We Made lemonade. It’s non carbonated meaning not fizzy but has the flavour of traditional (non fizzy) lemonade. Β£1.50

Finally a tipple of the good stuff to enjoy the football. The Good Cider. These are fruity flavoured bottles of cider. I don’t have any prices for these.

So that’s the drinks over with, and what lovely drinks they were. Now let’s see what we can find to munch on whilst cheering away at the telly.


New treats from Kit Kat! A sharing box of Kit Kat senses which are individual flavoured bites Β£3.99. And a share bag of Kit Kat bites white at Β£1.59. We just had to eat these straight away, otherwise the sun would have made them all melt away.

From Brioche Pasquier there Pitch rolls are great at any time, not just breakfast. Put them in lunch boxes or much them when travelling, tho my kids do love them warmed up slightly in the morning. Β£1.39 per pack.

And finally!

From the Santa Maria Latin American kitchen, I have these two products which can be combined together to give tortilla wraps a whole new mild Summery twist. All I needed to make these was some chicken, cream, and a few optional vegetables. The Caribbean creamy chicken mix is added to the chicken. It’s really mild meaning even young children can enjoy it. Add the finished chicken to the Mini coconut & black pepper tortillas for a perfect light lunch.

It’s a really versatile recipe meaning you can change it and add ingredients to suit as you wish. It makes a change to the usual spicy flavours. Β£1.00 – Β£1.50.

Mays box was a good one and I enjoyed trying and using all the products this month. The products are great for those busy football fans!

Get your box at the discounted price of Β£7.99 (usually Β£12.99) at Degustabox.

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