Bunchems glow in the dark dragons

Bunchems are one of the latest crazes with my girls. If you have not come across them before then the best way to describe Bunchems would be to say; sticky plastic balls that stick together to make all sorts of shapes and creatures.

As well as the sticky shaped balls, the packs usually come with other pieces such as eyes and other plastic bits to add.

The dragon pack bunchems pack contains bunchems that glow in the dark and instructions on how to make fierce dragon creatures. Like this one that Izebella made.

You can actually make anything you like from the bunchems, but the other harder plastic bits seem more dragon themed.

The one negative thing about Bunchems is that they can and do stick to hair, and in particular long hair as my girls found out. It can be tricky to pull them out of the hair and they may become more tangled if not careful. I found wetting the hair helped to remove them. Luckily they don’t seem to stick to carpets, or at least not my carpets anyway.

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