Legoland and Sealife Manchester

Legoland and Sealife are both located at the Trafford centre in Manchester which is in easy bus reach for us. They are both owned by The Merlin group but remain separate attractions. Single attraction or combination tickets can be purchased at either venue as can annual passes which we all now have.

Sea Life

Sea Life is an ocean adventure and brings visitors close to many species of fish and sea creatures that we would rarely, “if ever” see otherwise. We have visited a few times and it does seem to be forever changing with fresh introductions of new creatures and things to see.

From the small glowing Jellyfish to sharks and giant crabs, Sealife will bring many gasps and Wows, to both kids and adults alike.

The Giant crab lair is one of the new additions for 2018. These crabs are enormous measuring over 3 meters. They live a very deep 600 metres below sea level so seeing them elsewhere is pretty much impossible.

The rock pool lets visitors get a hands on experience by gently touching star fish, sea snails, shrimp and other tiny creatures in a special pool. There is a helpful guide on who is more than happy to answer any questions we had.


Legoland is probably best done after Sealife as it gives you a chance to sit and relax and there is also a cafe there.

Legoland is of course all about the Lego and has sone amazing huge Lego sculptures and even mini towns on display.

It did make us wonder just how long and how many people it took to build these.

There is a laser shoot type ride which is similar to a ghost train without the scares. It is also full of Lego builds which can be shot at with the laser gun.

Several rides are dotted about Lego land. It’s not a huge place, but has quite a lot going on. This includes the brand new Ninjago city adventure.

In Ninjago visitors will find a three storey play temple with ball pits and ropes inside. Also many Lego tables and workstations, a car building station with car slides and much more.

There is also a 4D cinema and lots of things to see and take part in.

Both of these attractions are well worth a visit and especially so if you live in Manchester or the North West and you want something to do with the Kids.

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