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April’s Degustabox seemed to follow last months box with several healthy themed products. I found it a really good box this month; with lots of tasty snacks and refreshing drinks.

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The first thing I grabbed from the box was the bottle of Lucozade energy orange (£1.10). I don’t think this really needs much explanation as everyone knows what lucozade is. The orange happens to be my favourite one too. Other drinks in the box included a can of Juicy fuel cola (£2.00) – This is one of those natural drinks made with all natural ingredients and therefore a health drink. A rather nice health drink which is even classed as one of the five a day.

The purple looking can in the middle of the picture here is from Happy Down. This was not so nice. I’m not sure who thought it would be a good idea to add chilli to a “refreshing drink” but it’s not good at all.

This bottle of milk could not have arrived at a better time.

I had just ran out of milk and I get very grumpy if I can’t have my mid morning brew. It’s long life semi skimmed milk from a2 milk. Long life meaning it keeps for longer and doesn’t even need refrigerating until it’s opened. It’s also free from the A1 protein meaning it’s easier to digest and gentler on tummies (£1.50)

Snacks included Haribo, Lio bites, Trek, Milky bar, Nicks

Trek (£1.15) are flavoured protein chunks, a snack for those exercising or weight loss/ weight gain etc.

The Lio Bites were especially tasty. It’s like a strawberry and banana smoothie made into a snack rather than a drink.

Haribo – Giant strawberries are very juicy and tasty and the whole pack is £1.29.

Nicks Kexbar was also another of my favourites this month. It’s a chocolate wafer with vanilla cream covered in milk chocolate and yet there is apparently no added sugar on this. £1.20.

There are a few savoury snacks too such as The food doctor packets here. Which contain flavoured corn and bean mixture snack. These aren’t something I was too keen on.

Mindful bites have Squeeze satchets which sound a little strange. Inside each one is a blend of unique butters which are blended with superfoods.

Perfect for making a lovely Bolognese are these two products from Mutti.


These were both in April’s box. Finely chopped tomatoes and a large Passata jar.

And finally from Idahoans is a packet of ”

(Instant) garlic mash. I haven’t made this yet but it does sound good.

And again all this every month for just £12.99. This includes postage and packing costs too. Get your box Online for a discounted price of £7.99.

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