Baby Secrets

Have a look at our brand new latest collectible craze!

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These are the new Baby Secrets. Think collectibles and think babies. Like other collectible crazes, these adorable little characters come in both activity packs and blind boxes.

Each pack contains babies and accessories and there are lots of these babies to collect, all of them looking different and charts included to see which ones we have.

The activity packs contain 3 babies, one of which is hidden from view. They also contain baby accessories such as a pram, bath and rocking horse. The single blind packs all come with white bath tubs, which also double up as little beds.

The babies all come with magic nappies which change colour in water to reveal blue or pink indicating boy or girl.

We’ve even been lucky enough to find a limited edition rare baby sparkle.

These mini baby dolls get thoroughly tested out in this house. They seem very tough and well made, none of those useless tiny parts, and very collectible.

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