Hasbro Disney Princess swimming adventure Ariel

Every girl loves at least one of the Disney Princesses and in Izebellas case, she loves them all. The Disney Princess dolls are all very pretty but the majority of them don’t really do much but stand/sit and look beautiful. Our new Ariel doll from the Little Mermaid movies is a little different.

Of course she is also a beautiful doll with flowing red hair and she actually does bear some resemblance to her actual movie character too.

As she’s a mermaid it means she has a tail instead of legs, no this mermaid doesn’t develop legs when she’s dry, don’t believe everything you see in the movies!

Having a big tail does make her slightly taller than most standard sized fashion dolls and obviously her tai and bikini top don’t come off so she’s not really a dressable doll and nor does she stand up or sit up by herself.

However being a mermaid does make her a bit special as it means she can swim in water. She has two small sensors at the top of her tail and as soon as she senses water she will swim.

It’s probably best to put her in a bath or a large bowl. As we found out; the kitchen sink is just a little too small for her size, but you can clearly see that she does what she’s supposed to do.

I would have thought that the doll may have come with some accessories such as a small brush/comb or even a little towel to dry her off, but sadly not; it is just the doll in the box.

Tho I don’t think Izebella is too bothered!

The doll needs 2xAAA batteries. Don’t worry the battery casing is entirely waterproof so nothing is going to go boom or be ruined. The purple tail piece needs attaching to the bottom of the doll from the box, it just slots in.

Adventure Ariel from Hasbro costs approximately Β£24.99 from most good toy stores.

Is it worth the price – Yes I’d say so. I have seen many fashion dolls that don’t swim or do much else costing a lot more and my 5 year old loves it.

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  1. April 23, 2018 / 18:57

    That is a great price considering it actually does something. I think my girl would love it. Another thing to add to her birthday list x

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