Online dating & staying safe

If you’re single, you may well have used one of the many adult dating sites at some point in your life. And if you’re in a relationship then you may have even met your partner on one. There are so many adult dating sites around now which seemed to have replaced old chat lines and lonely hearts adverts over the years.

Online dating can be fun. You can meet some genuine nice people on there. Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone and google is awash with many horror stories, and sadly even rape and murder on dates. The Me too movement helps demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual harassment.

The main pitfalls and problems of online dating that we hear about include people not looking like their profile photos, people using photos that are years old, being too forward, bad breath, bad fashion sense, your date having no money, or even married. The main problems arise once you start to feel uncomfortable with the person you’re on a date with, be it from a regular dating site or an adult dating site like “No Strings” which is for casual meet ups and in general a Sex Dating site

Knowing how to stay safe whilst dating is vital and here are a few short pointers to take note of when dating.

β€’ Always meet in a public place such as a where tother people are around, never go to someone’s house who you don’t know! Common sense really.

β€’ Try to let someone know where you are going. A friend, relative or even post it on Facebook if you really have to. This way if you don’t come back it gives people a heads up on where you might be.

β€’ Free drinks? – bought drinks are usually fine from a date. Just be cautious of too many and also if they taste strange or you start to feel funny after just a few. Be on your guard and try not to get too intoxicated with someone you hardly know.

β€’ Their place or yours? – there is nothing wrong with casual hook ups or even sex on a first date if that’s what you choose to do. It’s down to personal choice. However women in particular need to be wary about going to a mans house who you have just met. You may have been speaking to this guy online for weeks etc but you don’t know what goes on behind the closed doors. Choose a hotel instead if that’s what you want. They don’t all cost the Earth and it’s much safer.

β€’ If your date looks nothing like his pictures then leave. This is a big no no for me. If they can’t be honest from the start then what else are they hiding.

β€’ If in doubt about anything, make your excuses and leave. If at any point you feel in danger or can’t get away then see my previous post about the “Ask for Angela” campaign and get help.

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