Wake up and taste Envirokidz

I’m not a cereal person myself, but I do have children so I have to buy it. Unfortunately my kids are really fussy when it comes to breakfast, they only want the sweet chocolate stuff. Anything remotely healthy looking is a no no. No muesli, no porridge. I’ve tried but it’s pointless if it just gets left. I do worry about what goes into the chocolate cereals, they certainly taste sweet which means they can’t be that good for their body’s each morning.

Natures path have come up with a pretty ingenious idea, to create kids chocolate cereal that tastes as good as the others but only contains natural ingredients. This sounds hard to believe, so I let my kids put them to the test.

The cereals made for kids and called Envirokidz look similar to other cereals with animal characters on the box and pictures of the chocolate mixtures clearly shown.

The ingredients include fair trade cocoa powder which gives the chocolaty flavour and whole grain corn meal. The leapin lemur variety also contains peanut butter.

The cereals are really similar to others that we are used to both in flavour and texture. It’s hard to tell the difference except for the ingredients.

The Choco chimps balls went down very well with all my kids. Izebella wasn’t so keen on the peanut butter variety but my older kids seemed to like it.

See more at Natures path.

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