Molang makes a special alternative Easter gift

Molang soft toys are based on the characters of the popular kids tv series of the same name. They are incredibly soft and squishy and can provide great comfort for little ones at night time.

These adorable characters now come in many sizes with prices starting as low as Β£5.99. These won’t rot teeth or cause tummy aches like chocolate will and of course they last much much longer too.

Super soft Molang as pictured above is the larger of the toys and based on the main character – Molang. Yes it’s a bunny rabbit, I have had a few people question what it actually is. This one costs approx Β£16.99 and it’s size means it can even be used as a soft extra pillow.

The medium Molang toys known as the basic plush assortment cost Β£10.99. We have a Molang basic plush and also the Piu Piu chick. There are a few characters in each size.

The smallest toys are the collectible plush and cost Β£5.99 each. These fit perfectly in the hand and are great for a good squeeze

Well Izebella now has her very own Molang family to keep her company and give plenty of hugs at night. My only problem being we will have to make some room on her bed for them all to fit on.

They are very cute and soft and so cuddly, I wonder if she will share them with me?

Molang soft toys from Tomy are available to buy from many stockists, toy stores, Amazon and supermarkets.

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