Degustabox March

As always around this time of the month, it’s time to show you all what was in the Degustabox this month.

ShreddiedsThis is a full sized box of the new Shreddiez granola. We are more used to seeing brown pillows of wheat when we think of shreddies which I’m no fan of but this is totally different. It costs Β£2.59 for a box this size, meaning a 6th of the box price just with this addition.

Canny natural chocolate milk!

I’ve been wondering if this is made in Newcastle, canny being a word Geordies use quite a lot. It’s a natural flavoured milk drink which I don’t really understand. The milk part yes, but I’m not sure how chocolate milk can be totally natural. The flavour is nice but unusual and at Β£1.59 just for this carton! I don’t think I’ll be buying anytime soon.

Appy Drinks – Roald Dahl & Hafervoll flapjack!

I never really get the whole character thing printed on drinks and snacks, maybe they think kids are more likely to drink with familiar characters but the juices taste the same regardless. There are 3 juice flavours, all have a different character on them. Vegan approved and gluten free and of course good for lunch boxes. Β£1.29 for a 3 pack certainly beats the chocolate milk above.

Hafervoll – It’s a flapjack costing a whopping Β£1.99 and unfortunately I didn’t find it very nice at all. Enough said about that one!

RibenaThere was quite a few drinks in this box, but I was very happy to find this new Ribena flavour as my kids love it. Pineapple and passion fruit flavour with no added sugar. Β£2.49 for this large bottle.

Tenzing energy So many drinks this month, it’s a shame the weather has not been nice and hot to take full advantage of all the refreshments here. It’s a can of energy drink with green coffee, green tea and several other ingredients to give that buzz. Β£1.19 per can. I didn’t like the taste.

Nestle Nestle have combined the flavours of smarties and milky bar into these colourful mini eggs just in time for Easter. The bag costs Β£3.00 and yes my kids loved them.

Encona, Cirio, Mr Lee’sHere there is a combination of food items which could even be combined together somehow. Pasta sauce from Cirio costing Β£2.00 a jar. This has the combination of Cirio peeled plum tomatoes with parmesan.

Mr Lee’s noodles – freeze dried ingredients in one pot. Very tasty but Β£2.99 each’

Encona Carolina reaper sauce – This is not for the faint hearted, nor those with certain conditions. The Carolina reaper is currently the worlds hottest chilli pepper, and damn is this stuff hot. My eyes were literally steaming with tears after trying this stuff! Never again for me. Β£1.49 a bottle if you dare.

And products just like these can be yours every month for just Β£12.99 per box if you sign up here.

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