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Online dating has now become the norm for meeting potential partners, hook ups and adult fun.

Dates can be good, even really good and may even lead to happy relationships. Some dates turn out dull where neither of you really click, and sometimes you may even gain a good friend.

However, unfortunately some dates can turn out to be a very bad experience leaving a woman in a very vulnerable position. There are horror stories all over the Internet about women being attacked, drugged and raped. It is these types of bad dates that generated the campaign last year known as “Ask for Angela“.

The Ask for Angela campaign was launched by Lincolnshire county council with many areas in the UK joining in the campaign. A Free dating site (welovedates) are also promoting the campaign to make women feel safer on dates.

Many pubs/clubs now have “Ask for Angela” posters on display. If a woman feels uncomfortable or unsafe on a date, she can go to the bar staff and Ask for Angela. The staff will then be aware that the woman needs help and will help them to safely leave and get home, they will even call taxis if required.

I am not at all ashamed to admit that I have used Free dating sites. I find them a great way to get out and meet people who share similar interests. I have met a few people on them and keep in touch with a few. I am fortunate enough to not have had any bad experiences but I am always wary. There are a few dating rules/safety tips that I always follow and always encourage my friends to do the same.

β€’ Tell someone where you are going and the name of your date.

β€’ Always meet in a public place and stay where you can be seen. Never go to their house on a first meet (you don’t know them no matter how many online conversations).

β€’ Try not to reveal too much personal info on a first date. Again you don’t really know this person.

β€’ Be wary of “free” drinks bought for you. Not everyone is out to spike your drink but if you feel strange after one or two drinks then tell someone.

By following simple safety steps, you decrease the chances of something bad happening. Dates can turn bad for several reasons.

I am in support of the “Ask for Angela” campaign as I use online dating sites. Because of this campaign; which I have seen in bars in my area: I know that if a date does go wrong that there will be someone to help me get home safely.

Most dates end just fine and there are many genuine people on free dating sites looking for love. We love dates is aFree dating site site helping people find partners and have fun. They have lots of useful information on safe dating and can also be found on social networks.



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