Lumie bedbug light

Sleep is not something I’m getting much of recently. See my youngest – Izebella has started with both Night terrors and sleepwalking meaning anytime she’s up, I’m also up too trying to settle her back down.

There are many causes and factors with night terrors and they usually occur in young children of Izebellas age and can last until teenage years. Worries and fears contribute to night terrors but so does tiredness before bed and late bedtimes. A good routine can help and various products for aiding sleep such as the Bedug night light from Lumie.

It’s shaped like a little bug and has several light functions to assist little ones in a better nights sleep.

When reading the light can be on full which is very bright.

Once it’s time for sleeping the light can then be put on the special sunset mode. This mimics the colours of a real sunset and will eventually fade right down to darkness (by which time most children will be well away). There is also a nightlight which provides a warm orange glow throughout the night should a child wake up.

Bedbug emits gentle white light and very little blue light which is the thing that stimulates and keeps us awake.

The Bedbub nightlight charges up via usb meaning no need to ever run out of batteries. It does not come cheap tho, to buy directly from Lumie costs Β£59.95 which may be a lot more than what most parents would choose to pay for a night light.

We have only been using our bedbug for a short time but Izebellas night terrors seem to be lessening ever so slightly.

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