The Mottos (keep your love blooming)

This is a book all about relationships!

I haven’t read it all page to page as I only got it a few days ago. Plus it’s one of those (non-fiction) books that you can just skip to the bits of interest that you want to read.
So it’s all about relationships as in lovers and dates and lots of advice on how to get the best from a relationship, overcome issues and well… keep that spark alive.
The authors are – Dr Georgia Barnett and Susie Ambrose therefore a book by women and geared more towards women, tho of course there’s no reason why the males can’t have a read too.
There are many chapters covering all sorts of things from communication, love, forgiveness emotions, sex, money, children and even splitting up. I think it’s fair to say that this book covers the majority of relationship issues from dating right through to separating.
There is plenty of advice offered and insights into how and why men and women think and what each really wants from the opposite sex. It explains how men and women have different ways of dealing with things and how conflict occurs when we don’t understand each other.
I think it’s a good informative guide for anyone in a relationship be it new or years in. Or perhaps those who have had many relationship failures to help them in the future.
It makes an excellent bedtime read for me and it’s not often that I’ll sit and read a book these days.

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