Degustabox February

February’s Degustabox seemed to follow suit with the box from January in that most of the items were focused on healthy eating and fitness. Some of this months food products were a little strange but I do enjoy trying new things.
True Nopal cactus water Β£3.49. How bizarre does this sound? This is made from the prickly pear which grows on the Nopal cactus. Natural hydration, not much of a flavour. If I had to try and describe it, I’d say the taste is close to lychee fruit but without the sweetness. It’s a strange mild flavour without sweeteners and preservatives. I don’t think this is really something I would go out and buy but it’s nice to have tried it.
protein ball & co Β£1.99. Yes it’s protein balls. Protein being the key thing when trying to tone up or lose weight. The ingredients include raw dates, sultanas, sour cherries and egg white.
Dr Karg Emmental cheese & pumpkin seed crispbread. Β£2.00
Made with whole grain natural fibre and additive free. A healthy and easy snack, add butter or toppings to make them more of a meal.
Emily crisps Β£0.99.
I’ve had these before and they are absolutely delicious as far as fruit crisps go. These are without a doubt the best fruit crisps out there because they are so flavoursome and really crunchy just like real crisps yet fruity and sweet too.
Indie bay snacks – pretzel bites Β£2.49
I’m not sure what it is about pretzel snacks but be it sweet or savoury I find them so addictive. These bags from Indie bay are a savoury snack and are full of pretzel balls made with Quinoa and Spelt.
Tootsie roll midges Β£2.50
I wouldn’t say these follow with the whole healthy theme of the box, but I think it’s always a good thing when I find some yummy snacks and treats in my box. Tootsie roll chews are an American candy and these have a milky chocolate taste.
Haribo fruitlicious Β£1.29
Haribo’s new range contains 30% less sugar tho you wouldn’t think so when eating then. Fruity shaped squishy jelly sweets, lovely yummy flavours and it’s no surprise that these did not last long with my kids.
KitKat chunky New York cheesecake Β£0.65
Okay so we don’t have near the amount of kitkat flavours compared to other places like Japan but this one is mighty tasty. I ate it straight away before the kids saw it.
Product of the Month” Primrose’s kitchen – raw beetroot & ginger muesli Β£4.00.
A very healthy alternative breakfast cereal which is a strange combination of beetroot, ginger, gluten free oats & virgin coconut oil. Unfortunately I just didn’t like it personally and am not really a cereal person anyway so it’s not something I would buy. Also Β£4.00 for one box of cereal is not something I’d be happy to pay out.
Get your Degustabox for just Β£7.99 including delivery and packaging (usually Β£12.99). Buy directly from their Degustabox UK and enjoy a selection of full size monthly food products delivered directly to your door.

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  1. March 6, 2018 / 21:36

    These are some new foods I’d love to try, especially cactus water.

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