Circus Extreme

Circus Extreme came to Event city in Manchester for just over 2 weeks. We went last Thursday during half term and all found it absolutely amazing. It was like no other circus acts we have seen before. Some of the acts were truley extreme and very dangerous. I had to look away at some points.

Acts included, tightrope without a net and various stunts on the ropes including bikes. I have absolutely no idea how they balance so well.

A laser show by laser man, trapeze, dancers, a lady who can climb and perform on a loose rope and a contortionist who amazed everyone with the positions she could get her body into, she could literally get her head in such a position that she could see her own back.

The motorbike acts finished the show off. Firstly with the death defying very dangerous globe of death.

Followed by the FMX team flying through the air on bikes whilst performing back flips. We could feel the heat and smell the petrol. This was amazing.
And no circus would be the same without a clown. The clown did various silent acts, some involving audience members.

The circus has now finished in Manchester but I’m sure it will be back in the UK very soon. It’s certainly worth a watch.

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