Interplay: My fairy garden

This lovely “My fairy garden” kit contains everything we needed for my little princesses to create their own realistic mini garden. The only thing not included is soil, which luckily we have plenty of. 
The fairy garden is created in a round bowl. First thing is to add soil then slowely add things such as the house, path, shell etc. The house is made from foam and connects via cut out slots, it’s not the easiest thing to put together as it tends to all fall apart or be wobbly. I found the door is tricky too attach but once it’s all up it stays up. 

There is a shell included which acts like a little pond when filled with water. Also a fairy toadstool ornament. There is a washing line too which has to be put together with sticks and string. Ours would just not work and I ended up with a splinter trying to sort it, hence why it’s not in our garden. 

The colourful stones to make the gravel path also come included, as does the one fairy and grass seed which was added once all set up. We added our own shells too and any small toys or gems can be added to make it look fuller. As you can probably see by the picture above. We did our garden outside. This was really to avoid soil and mess in the house. I am unsure if the garden is meant for outside use but I think the house may fall apart in bad weather and the bowl would need holes making at the bottom. It may be best to keep it inside. 

It requires watering like most plants and putting in a place where there is sun light. After just 5 days we could see grass.

And once the grass starts to grow, it grows very quickly. This next photo was just a day after the one above.
I think I may have to trim it a little soon as we don’t want a fairy jungle.  
This fairy garden is one of Interplays best selling products and is a great idea for kids to get creative in Summer. The set costs approximately £14.99 and can be purchased directly from Interplay, Amazon and most good toy stores. 
Check out the range of fairy products from interplay on this short video 

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