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It’s been so cold these past few weeks, which is no real surprise considering it’s January and the UK, but it does seem a touch colder than normal. I’m not a morning person, I also suffer from S.A.D which peaks dramatically at this time of year. I hate cold mornings and I hate venturing out in the freezing cold. I need to be well wrapped and that includes keeping my head warm and hair dry.
BUFF® got in touch and asked if I would like to try some of their winter hats! Well who wouldn’t when you see the enormous choice of styles and colours that they have on offer.

These are the colours that I like to wear on my head when it comes to hats, I tend to stick to the whites, creams, light browns as I find these colours fit with what I wear.

This is the Aura Chic cru/cru hat. I absolutely love it. It’s made from a blend of acrylic, wool and alpaca. It’s a really good quality blend and really keeps my head warm. It’s quite a long bobble type hat so it can be worn in many ways.

The BUFF® logo sits at the front of the hat, and what you can’t see clearly in the pictures are the little pinkish shiny gems all over the hat which gives it a little sparkle if the sun is shining.

This style does not come cheap – £49.50 for one hat may be more than many people would consider paying out, but I can’t help but love it.
I also have this hat too, which is just as gorgeous in a different way.

This is the Stella Chic cru/cru design and this one is a cream colour. A different design to the other hat with a cross cross diamond type pattern all round.
This hat is slightly cheaper costing £35.75. Again I love the style and being cream means it can be worn with literally anything.

The inside of this one is all fleecy giving my little head extra warmth when out in the cold.

It’s made from 100% acrylic and comes as one size only which should fit most heads as it’s really stretchy.
I think I may just miss my warm hats come Summer time!
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