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Coming from a family of dancers, it is only natural that both my girls also have the dancing feet. My parents are gold medal ballroom dancers, I preferred the podium and club dancing and my girls have done all sorts including Morris, street, ballet, tap, ballroom, jazz. They love it as much as I do.
So if you have a little dancer among you and looking for dance inspired gifts then maybe take a look at Dancewear central who cater for all sorts of dance styles and sell some lovely dance themed gifts too.

Now there aren’t many girls who don’t dream of being a ballerina in a pink tutu and that’s exactly what I have here for Izebella.

This is so pretty and even if yah have a little girl who does not do ballet lessons, it still would make a little girl very happy to receive and dress up in one of these. The skirt is coveted with silver stars to give it a sparkling effect and there is a cute pink bid at the back.

These cost Β£19.95 each and perfect for ballet lessons combined with ballet pumps. If pink is not your colour then they also come in both black and white too.
Dancing is thirsty work, it takes a lot of practice and energy and all dancers need a drink. Dancewear central has a selection of drinks bottles like this one.

The “like G” notebook is also from Dancewear central, and could be useful for noting down important dance dates – exams, competitions etc. They have many other similar accessories too.

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