My Busy Bots

My Busy Bots founded by two friends who are also mothers, sell specialty created Busy Bags, which look like this.

The Busy bags contain various themed activities which can be done at home or when travelling. The bags are for young children aged 3-8 years, therefore Izebella is a perfect age for the Busy Bots.
The contents of each bag vary but there will not be any pens, glue or craft items, so no need for me to worry about any mess or stains.
Izebella has two bags. One of them contained several cards, each card with a letter of the alphabet surrounded by four pictures. Also in the bag – several small pegs.

To begin Izebella had to say the letter and then work out which picture begins with the letter and peg the picture.

In her reception class they practice the alphabet and phonics daily so she really enjoyed doing this. After the first suggested activity there are other slightly more difficult things she can do. Such as name other things beginning with the letter, or say what the other images begin with.
Her other Busy Bag contains cards with colourful bugs and sparkly (non sticking) gems.

The cards all have numbers on so she has to place the correct number of gems on each one. Other activities on this include matching the gem colours and putting cards in number order.
It’s all about learning at home or away from school. Izebella sees them as extra toys or fun activities so she doesn’t even realise that she’s learning whilst playing. These Busy bags also mean less time on a tablet or watching DVDs. The supplies bags means she can pick everything up when finished and store it all away until next time.
The Busy Bags cost £7/£8 each or they can be purchased in packs of 3 for £15/£21.

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